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Center for Global Tobacco Control

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Despite a vote by Westminster Board of Health not to implement a ban on tobacco sales, Vaughan Rees, interim director of the HSPH Center for Global Tobacco Control, believes it's a start. "There’s a lesson in this. A town went early, didn’t succeed, but I think other opportunities will come along. I think it has the potential to be a game-changer," he said.

Smoke and fire

Tobacco-control expert addresses fight over sales ban in Westminster and what was gained in light of defeat



The conference “Governance of Tobacco in the 21st Century" gathered together 250 registrants from 35 countries to discuss public health, trade, finance, agriculture, and law. By the end of the conference a few recommendations for international controls stood out: Consider public health a basic human right, and tobacco promotion a violation of that right.

A deadly foe

Experts gather to trade ideas on worldwide anti-tobacco measures