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Woman mourns at memorial

Want to stop mass shootings?

A public-health prescription: Tougher laws, an NHTSA for guns, and politicians who look more like America


Matt Liebmann

Digging up the past

Archaeologist works with tribe to explore its history and to repair historic injustices


Message in the dust

A student’s find in Peru offers a lesson in how archeologists piece together the stories of a people


A mass of protesters march in Hong Kong.

Simmer nears boil in Hong Kong

Harvard China expert examines what’s behind the protests and the deep divisions that darken the likelihood of a peaceful takeover


Fighting gay oppression sign in march after Stonewall uprising in 1969.

Stonewall then and now

Harvard scholars reflect on the history and legacy of the milestone gay-rights demonstrations triggered by a police raid at a dive bar in Manhattan


Workers sort freshly harvested bananas to be exported, at a farm in Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas state, Mexico.

The sparring over trade

Kennedy School’s Robert Z. Lawrence analyzes the pivotal issues and possible outcomes


Ashutosh Varshney explains the impact of India's election to an audience

The Modi mandate

HKS fellow Ashutosh Varshney reflects on Indian prime minister’s triumph at the polls and what it portends for the future of the country’s democracy


A group of German students talking

Generation Merkel at Harvard

Students from Germany, who may barely remember when she wasn't chancellor, share their thoughts as she visits


Professor Robert Sampson

Unpacking the power of poverty

Study picks out key indicators like lead exposure, violence, and incarceration that impact children’s later success


two people speaking on a panel

Intelligence matters

Former FBI, CIA officers, lawmakers, analysts discuss ethical and moral issues


five women speaking on a panel

Women lead Rwanda’s renaissance

A quarter century after up to a million people were killed in ethnic violence, the country has re-created itself with greater gender equality


Prince Harry and Meghan

‘The same in private as they are in public’

Shorenstein Fellow Miguel Head, chief of staff and press secretary for princes William and Harry for a decade, discusses his likable bosses and their relationship to the media