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Nika Rudenko with her nephew.

A SPARK of an idea

110 first-years spent a month implementing their own public service projects


COVID-19 testing takes place in the open-air concourse of Harvard Stadium.

Testing for COVID, ensuring safety

Harvard facilities have been checking researchers and other workers, and are now gearing up for some students’ return


Stacks of books.

It’s back to the stacks

100 library staff members return to campus as access to physical collection resumes


Researcher viewed through lab door posted with safety signs.

Same old labs but not

Researchers across Harvard's Schools and affiliates settle into masked, distanced, rigidly scheduled shifts, and resume the important work they love


Bunting fellows.

A room of one’s own

‘The Equivalents’ follows Anne Sexton, Maxine Kumin, Tillie Olsen, Barbara Swan, and Marianna Pineda through the birth of Radcliffe Institute and the modern women’s movement


Glenn Foster holds up a sign saying "I can't breathe" in front of the Capitol.

Why they protest

Harvard students share why they took part in recent BLM protests and what this moment means to them


Student waiters in Lowell House dining room. 1943

Serving up a new social order

Looking back at dining — and disruptions — on campus over the decades shows how meals mirrored the way we lived then, and now


Philip Lovejoy and Tracy Palandjian.

In search of future Overseers

A former Overseer and the executive director of the Harvard Alumni Association discuss the work of the HAA nominating committee