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children lying on the grass

A worm named Peanut

Boston Public School students make new friends and discover nature through Field Study Experiences at the Arnold Arboretum


Cat L. Zhang former president of UC, on right, and Cat Y. Zhang

Mistaken identities

Catherine Zhang and Catherine Zhang weigh in on the legacies they leave


Dalton Brunson in an office

Lab success, life goals

Dalton Brunson keeps his rural hometown in mind as he plots his course to expanding health care resources


Denise-Marie Ordway

A long road, well chronicled

From community college to Pulitzer finalist and Nieman Fellow, Denise-Marie Ordway compares and contrasts different forms of higher education


Terzah Hill observes Evan Komorowski and Thomas Wobby moving a gurney.

Crimson EMS in action

Harvard’s own student-run medic squad offers training in CPR and other life-saving techniques


Sonia Gomez and Marla Ramirez.

Family fellows

Mahindra postdocs Sonia Gomez and Marla Ramírez discover a shared genealogical tree


Orlando Patterson

‘Stunning progress’

The public arena has made great strides toward diversity — as Harvard’s evolution has shown — but some areas need to catch up, Patterson says