The Berkman Center at the Internet Governance Forum 2015

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The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a multistakeholder forum for policy dialogue on issues of Internet governance. This year is the 10th annual meeting, and it’s being held in João Pessoa, Brazil, Nov. 10-13. The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is thrilled to be an active participant in key discussions about some of the most pressing, complex, and exciting issues facing our increasingly networked world.

The full schedule of sessions is here.

As more and more global attention focuses on the challenges and opportunities presented by the Internet and its impact on our society, there becomes an even greater need to address the complex issues at play to inform decision-making at all levels. IGF is an important forum for sharing, discussing, and identifying opportunities to build upon this work. The Berkman Center’s participation in IGF relates to much of the work we do, including our recent examinations of multistakeholder governance groups  and of the role of online intermediaries (both reports produced in partnership with the Global Network of Internet & Society Centers), as well as our Internet Monitor project, which recently launched a new online dashboard that helps users better understand trends in Internet health and activity through data analysis and visualization, and our new Digital Currency Initiative, which explores the challenges and opportunities that distributed ledgers present across sectors.