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Hoja de Laurel de Oro Award to Barbara and William Fash

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Harvard professors Barbara Fash and William Fash have been jointly honored with the Hoja de Laurel de Oro, the prestigious lifetime achievement award given by the government of Honduras. The award, which recognizes the couple’s 30-plus years of service in preserving and documenting Honduras’ cultural heritage, was presented at the Casa Presidential in the capital city, Tegucigalpa. The award was conferred by the minister of culture and the arts, and the Office of the President. Other recipients ranged from poets, dance troupes, Miskito Indians, the Spanish Cultural Affairs office, and the board of the Honduran Museum of Man.

The William and Muriel Seabury Howells Director of the Peabody Museum, William Fash is also Bowditch Professor of Central American and Mexican Archaeology and Ethnology in the Department of Anthropology. Barbara Fash is director of the Corpus Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions Program at the Peabody Museum.