Stricter alcohol policy enforcement may curb college drinking

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Study finds college enforcement may lower leavy drinking

A study consisted of 11 public schools, including three state university campuses and eight state colleges that fall under the purview of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education (MBHE). In each of the 11 schools, the dean of students, chief of campus security, and a representative sample of students completed surveys about their campus’ alcohol policy enforcement and implementation. The study found that, despite a uniform statewide policy, there was a substantial degree of variation among colleges in the degree to which these rules were enforced. It also was evident that rates of heavy drinking varied greatly among the schools. Researchers explained that some of this variation may be attributed to the students demographic composition or the percentage of students living on campus, but the drinking rates also were associated with the variation in alcohol policy enforcement mentioned above The study specifically found that activities of campus security officers to limit alcohol possession and use on campus were related to student drinking rates. Campus security officers are likely to interact directly with student drinking while enforcing alcohol policies, and their reports of stricter alcohol policy enforcement were associated with lower levels of heavy drinking.