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‘Sept. 11 College Fund’ established

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Harvard University has pledged $1 million and joined with the American Council on Education to raise scholarship funds, on behalf of higher education, for the children and spouses of the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Harvard President Lawrence H. Summers had announced in a Sept. 19 letter to the Harvard community that the University intended to make a $1 million contribution by “working with colleagues in the field of higher education to identify the most effective way to organize a scholarship fund to meet educational needs.”

The specific fund created, titled the “September 11 College Fund,” will be administered by the Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of America as part of its “Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund” drive chaired by former President Bill Clinton and former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole.

Organizers hope to raise the funds needed to distribute at least $100 million to financially needy applicants for use in all types of post-secondary education, including two- and four-year colleges, trade and vocational schools, and others.

In a Sept. 28 letter to colleagues describing the “September 11 College Fund” component of that effort, American Council on Education President David Ward said: “This national scholarship fund is unique because it has been established by higher education as a way for faculty, staff, and students at U.S. colleges and universities to assist in family relief efforts.”

“As members of the higher education community, we are in a unique position to understand the importance of education in building – and rebuilding – lives,” said Ward.

One hundred percent of donated funds will go directly to the students. None of the principal will be used for administrative expenses.

Opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to contribute

Harvard faculty and staff can contribute to the fund via the annual Community Giving program. Packages will be distributed during the week of Oct. 8 and will facilitate contributions via check and/or payroll deduction. In addition, students and employees may donate online at by designating the “September 11 College Fund.” Donations may also be made by phone – (877) 862-0136 (with credit card and “September 11 College Fund” designation); or by mail – make the check payable to the Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of America, designating “September 11 College Fund,” and sending it to Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of America, 1505 Riverview Road, P.O. Box 297, St. Peter, MN 56082. The University will also receive checks directly at the Cash Receipts Office on the fourth floor of Holyoke Center and forward them to the Citizens’ Scholarship Fund. Students with an interest in learning more may call their deans for student affairs.