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Taiwan premier tops list of new fellows at Center for Business and Government

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The Center for Business and Government (CBG) at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government announced the addition of four fellows who represent the worlds of government, finance, business, and academia. This spring, the Center’s global gathering of fellows will be joined by the former premier of Taiwan, a local entrepreneur, the new chairman of the National Association of Security Dealers, and a scholar studying economic development in Taiwan.

The new CBG Fellows

Fei Tang, senior fellow of CBG’s China Public Policy Program, stepped down from his post as the premier of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in October. Tang’s military career spanned 50 years and included more than 300 combat missions. He was appointed air force chief of staff in 1992, and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in 1998, earning the rank of four-star general. In 1999, he became minister of defense. President Chen Shuibian appointed Tang premier in March 2000. Premier Tang played an instrumental role in modernizing Taiwan’s military forces. He first served in a political capacity as the deputy military attaché to the United States, and then as chief military attaché to South Africa. Currently, he is senior adviser to President Chen.

Robert Glauber is chairman of the National Association of Security Dealers in New York. Glauber joined the Kennedy School as an adjunct lecturer after serving as undersecretary of the Treasury for Finance. Prior to joining the Treasury, he was professor of finance and chairman of the Advance Management Program at the Harvard Business School. As a CBG off-site senior fellow, Glauber’s research focuses on the performance and regulation of financial institutions and markets, and on corporate governance issues.

Rina Spence is an entrepreneur whose business ventures range from women’s health centers to an Internet company focusing on the health and wellness needs of teenage girls. She is also former president and CEO of Emerson Hospital and former chair of The Partnership, a public/private consortium dedicated to attracting and retaining minority professionals in greater Boston. As a fellow at the CBG, Spence is assisting David Hart, associate professor of public policy, in planning the Center’s “Entrepreneurship and Public Policy: New Growth Strategies for the 21st Century Economy” conference, scheduled for April 10-11.

Yongping Wu was formerly a lecturer in history at Peking University. As a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Business and Government, Wu’s research will focus on business relations, production systems, and the comparative political economy of Taiwan.

In its mission to foster new ways of thinking about the complex interrelationship between business and government, the Center for Business and Government conducts groundbreaking policy-oriented research. In addition, CBG develops innovative curriculum and promotes public understanding by convening business leaders, scholars, policy-makers, civic organizations, and members of the media to discuss critical issues related to the evolving relationship at the intersection of business and government.