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Pavel Krapivin and Jorge Chino Loria swimming with bull sharks. Courtesy of Pavel Krapivin

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On April 8, 2017, Pavel Krapivin, HBS ’11 and co-founder of VelvetJobs, spoke at the Harvard Graduate Council’s Leadership Conference about risk taking and fears. Recent trip to Playa del Carmen helped Pavel face his old fear of sharks, and this experience is similar to the way people take risks to face the fear of uncertainty in the professional life.

Pavel said, “People tend to fear sharks because of movies such as ‘Jaws,’ but the reality about sharks is completely different.  While rare shark accidents do happen, the reality is that sharks do not eat people.” After swimming with sharks and the world famous bull shark conservationist, Jorge Chino Loria from Phantom Divers Chino, Pavel is not scared of sharks anymore.

Just as Pavel overcame the fear of sharks, people can overcome the fear of starting or changing career. The key to conquering fears related to careers is access for all Harvard students and alumni to special Harvard’s portal at VelvetJobs.

In addition to offering over 500,000 curated jobs from the leading companies, some of the coolest features include the one-click resume builder. The solution works so well that some of the leading brands in the world hire VelvetJobs to provide career transition support​​​​​​​. In fact, Forbes magazine featured VelvetJobs as the solution transforming the $5 billion career transition industry.