Student walking up stairway with colorful flags hanging from ceiling.

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health pays tribute to diversity inside Building 2 by displaying the bisexual flag, (from left) the Pride flag and the transgender flag with a description of their artistic origins.

Photos by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

Campus & Community

Frames of mind: A window onto Harvard’s campus

Portals, passageways, and vistas reflect the matrix that connects the University’s diverse intellectual and cultural communities

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In this gallery, photographs offer a visual tribute to Professor Howard Gardner’s research positing “the existence of eight different intelligences, each as important as the next, that comprise a unique cognitive profile for each person.” Gardner coined the term “multiple intelligences” in his seminal work, “Frames of Mind,” to “challenge the widely held notion that intelligence is a single general capacity possessed by every individual to a greater or lesser extent.”

The Class of 1997 gate frames students processing to the First-Year Convocation outside the Science Center.

A large crowd of Harvard students walking through a Harvard gate.
Fall foliage trees at Harvard Law School
Frosted windows squares accent fall foliage inside Harvard Law School’s Pound Hall.
Cleaning crew washing doors, looking out at students.

Students gather outside Sever Hall during shopping period as Campus Services staff polish the glass; a portal at Longfellow Hall gives a glimpse of Radcliffe Yard and Agassiz House.

A student passes by a brick building, vertical picture.

Morning dew blurs the view through the glass encased in ornamental wrought iron at the Quincy Street entrance of the Harvard Art Museums; a store window reflects a man passing by the entrance to Harvard Extension School.

A silhouette of a student studying outside in the courtyard of Harvard Kennedy School
A reader is silhouetted in the courtyard of Harvard Kennedy School.
A student walking by a window with a frame that looks like a metal spider web.
A webbed mullion breaks up the view of autumn foliage at Cabot House in the Radcliffe Quadrangle.
Looking through columns on a bridge looking over the Charles River at two people rowing a canoe.
The rough columns of Anderson Memorial Bridge frame rowers on the sparkling Charles.
Looking out a framed window pane at fall foliage.
A dark window frames a family in the courtyard at Harvard Medical School.

Bright foliage shines through a window at University Hall; through the glass at Gordon Hall, a family is seen playing in the courtyard of Harvard Medical School.

Students walking up and down a three level staircase under a decorative chandelier.
A student writing her homework assignment on a window pane.

At the Barker Center the grand staircase behind a chandelier made of antlers collected by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt brings to mind the mathematically inspired artwork of Dutch artist M.C Escher. In the Gutman Library, Graduate School of Education student Aleezeh Makani formulates her research on “Phonology and communication intent” on a conference room window.

Red and white stripes drape a tourist from Brazil at the foot of the John Harvard Statue. The U.S. flag is taken down and stored each night at University Hall.
On a sunny day, the solemn arches and columns of Annenberg Hall shade the entranceway.