Three people at the event

Martina Bauer, an architect from Barkow Leibinger, the firm behind the ArtLab design; Ché Applewhaite ’21; and Kat Nakaji, ArtLab production and technical specialist, with wife Graham Carroll. The portraits were taken at the ArtLab Open House.

Photos by OJ Slaughter

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Creative research at heart of ArtLab

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Harvard’s newest Allston lab opens itself up for examination

Those eager for a peek at what a laboratory devoted to the deep research and investigation required to create fresh works of art looks like weren’t disappointed during the opening of Harvard’s ArtLab last week. The University’s newest Allston lab, devoted to artistic interdisciplinary experimentation, featured myriad art makers, including Harvard students and faculty as well as visiting artists who were creating on the spot. The range of dancers, musicians, video and photo artists who took part in the opening festivities highlighted the kinds of boundary-breaking innovations organizers envisioned for the new space.

“Watching Ilya Vidrin’s Partnering Lab dance demonstration at the opening on Saturday, people began to really understand how the ArtLab is a research center as opposed to a venue for exhibitions or events,” said Bree Edwards, director of the ArtLab. “We look forward to supporting new interdisciplinary creative research at Harvard, in our community and beyond.”

James Stanley, Artistic Producer, Theater, Dance and Media

James Stanley, artistic producer from the Theater, Dance & Media Department, checks out a room at the ArtLab.

Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

People gathered at ArtLab
Cake cutting at the ArtLab

Quincy Jones Professor of African American Music Ingrid Monson (left) chats with Esperanza Spaulding, professor of practice in Harvard’s Music Department. (Photo 2) Dean of Arts and Humanities Robin Kelsey (from left), Lori Gross, Harvard’s associate provost for the arts and culture, and ArtLab Director Bree Edwards cut the cake during ArtLab Open House.

Photos by Karen Phillipi; Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

Musicians performing

Claire Chase (left), professor of practice in Harvard’s Music Department, and Harvard students Jessica Shand ’21, Jennifer Wang ’22, Mai Nguyen ’23, and Taiga Ultan ’22, play a work by Vijay Iyer, the Franklin D. and Florence Rosenblatt Professor of the Arts, during the ArtLab’s opening celebration.

Photo by Karen Phillipi


Jessi Stegall (left), Ilya Vidrin, and violinist Daniel Kurganov are part of the Partnering Lab, a Harvard-based space that explores the underlying philosophy and psychology of physical interaction or collaboration in a range of fields.

Photo by Karen Phillipi

Putting up photos in ArtLab
Kat Nakaji, Production & Technical Specialist shows 3D printing during ArtLab Open House

Photographer OJ Slaughter takes studio photos during ArtLab’s Open House. Kat Nakaji shows 3D printing.

Photos by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer