Harvard Catalyst is up and running

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New website anchors $192 million Clinical and Translational Science Center effort

The Harvard Catalyst, an unprecedented pan-University collaborative effort committed to harnessing the human, technological, and fiscal resources of Harvard and its academic healthcare centers (AHCs) to reduce the burden of human illness has launched a feature-rich website that focuses its collaborative efforts.

Supported by a five-year, $117.5 million Clinical and Translational Science Award from the National Institutes of Health – and an additional $75 million committed by the University and the Academic Health Centers –  the Harvard Catalyst will unite and focus faculty students, and staff across Harvard’s 10 schools and 18 independent ACHs, all of whom will have access to the Catalyst resources through the web. The Catalyst will provide more than $2.5 million in pilot grants in its first year, and there are plans to expand that amount to $7 million by the third year.

There is a new Harvard Catalyst button under the “resources” heading on the left hand side of the HarvardScience home page.

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