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Support for Medicaid expansion strong among low-income adults
Integrating health care providers with communities
Health reform alone may not increase access to physicians or reduce healthcare inequality gaps
Medical School revises conflict of interest policy
Warning: Your reality is out of date
New study finds 45,000 deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage
Economy shaping health care reform effort
Health, life insurers hold billions in tobacco stocks
Video can help patients make end-of-life decisions
Hospice care under-used by many terminally ill patients, study finds
New study assesses quality and cost of care at nation’s hospitals
Universal coverage may narrow gaps in health outcomes
Mexican program successful at reducing crippling health care costs
U.S. hospitals slow to adopt electronic health records, citing cost
Policies regarding IRB members’ industry contacts often lacking
Blumenthal named national coordinator for health information technology
Supply of board-certified emergency physicians unlikely to meet projected needs
South African AIDS policy tied to 330,000 lives lost
Decline in cigarette smoking in U.S. significantly offset by increase in other tobacco products
NIH awards Harvard Medical School $117.5 million, five-year grant for patient-centered research
Life expectancy stagnating, worsening, for large segment of U.S. population
Dramatic increase in ER waiting time for seriously ill patients
Symposium addresses disparities in Native American health care
Almost two million veterans lack health coverage
Economic motivation could underlie some ordering of imaging tests
Medical schools’ departments, department heads often have industry relationships
U.S. lagging in adoption of electronic health records
‘Virginity pledges’ by adolescents may bias their reports of premarital sex
Less than half of U.S. health care workers get flu shots
Survey: Many seniors don’t understand Medicare drug benefit
Health care reform in China discussed
Implantable chips bear promise, but privacy standards needed
Social determinants key in who gets good care
Investigating health disparities
HSPH examines government role in health disparities
Older doctors less likely to follow current standards of care
Study casts doubt on claims that the medical malpractice system is plagued by frivolous lawsuits
Researchers find high levels of potentially toxic heavy metals in  herbal medicine products
Study finds that blacks are significantly less likely to undergo  prostate cancer screening
For-profit health plans did not restrict Medicare beneficiaries’ use of high-cost operative procedures
Strategies to help AIDS patients take medicines are cost effective
Physicians report trouble obtaining specialty services for uninsured
Study challenges proposed changes to clinical definition of  mental illness
Study shows U.S. health care paperwork cost $294.3 billion in 1999
Physicians say they have personally experienced medical errors
Three in five Americans would get vaccinated for smallpox
Physicians who are experts on managed care avoid enrolling in HMOs
Physicians vs. the Internet
SPH professor finds Taliban inmates dying, in need of care
Tuning the system: Program buffers health care collisions