Think there’s no way to tackle climate change? Think again.


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Scientists and engineers all over the world have been grappling with the realities of climate change for decades: collecting evidence, communicating dangers, and working together to develop solutions. At Harvard, scientists at all career levels are developing solutions to protect the global food supply, clear the air of dangerous particles and gases, secure clean water supplies, and develop clean sources of energy.

To mark Climate Week 2019, we created a short video to highlight some of these discoveries and inventions. Here are a few of the science and technology stories that inspired it.

Using solar energy to turn sunlight, water, and air into liquid fuels and fertilizers

Storing energy generated by wind and solar farms, so we can use it when it’s calm or cloudy

Harnessing nature to make industries and homes cleaner and greener

Using bacteria to produce more sustainable plastics

Understanding how pollution affects our resources, and those of our neighbors

Creating new technologies to prevent erosion

Helping cities to keep things moving, sustainably

Getting the facts straight about climate and health, so people can take action to protect their communities

Working together, we can turn discoveries into solutions for a more sustainable world

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