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Introducing ‘Harvard Thinking’

Where the life of the mind meets everyday life

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Harvard faculty, alumni, and students have been thinking deeply about some of the world’s biggest challenges for centuries. What if we applied some of that thinking to our everyday lives? 

In the new podcast “Harvard Thinking,” Harvard Gazette writer Samantha Laine Perfas convenes experts from different disciplines for conversations about issues that affect people in real, tangible ways. Topics range from personal drinking habits to the future of democracy to the best use of artificial intelligence. Look for episodes in the coming weeks.


Samantha Laine Perfas: From Harvard University, this is “Harvard Thinking,” a new podcast where the life of the mind meets everyday life.  

Bapu Jena: I want to have a glass of wine once a week, four times a week. How much will it impact my health? That really is the core question. 

Stephen Sachs: We’ve had roughly the same constitutional structure for a very long time, but now it seems to be doing less well in unique ways. Why is that?  

Samantha: We bring together experts for conversations on issues that affect all of us, from personal drinking habits to the future of democracy to the best use of artificial intelligence. 

Sheila Jasanoff: What is it that we want to do in the way of achieving a good society and where does the technology help us or hurt us?  

Samantha: Our conversations examine both the individual and societal aspects of the choices we make every day. One minute, we’ll talk big picture. The next we’ll get really personal, unpacking complex issues that affect our lives in real, tangible ways.  

Look for our first episode in the coming weeks. You can find us at harvard.edu/thinking, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Again, for more information, visit harvard.edu/thinking.