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A look inside: Lowell House

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A change of pace, through yoga

Four days a week, six to 10 Lowell House residents ascend five flights of stairs to the Tower Room, where they practice yoga for an hour, at the direction of House member Shaomin Chew ’13.

The atmosphere is hushed and relaxed, as participants make space for their mats on a hardwood floor splashed by rays of late afternoon sun. Upon entering the room, students are greeted softly by Chew, who became a certified yoga instructor after her freshman year.

“Yoga is an incredible de-stressor,” Chew said. “It helps me stay calm and focused, so I can be more productive at school. The physical exercise is a big deal, and I like that I have a small community. We get to know each other, and have a connection. I took a semester off and taught yoga in NYC during my sophomore year, but it was very different there. I much prefer the personal interaction I have in these classes.”

“A lot of my students run and do yoga, and they tell me the combination is really helpful. Doing yoga an hour a day refreshes you.”

Isabelle Glimcher ’13 said, “It’s a chance to slow down and reflect, to get away from your books. It’s so convenient, being in the House, and it fits so easily into your schedule. And the fact it’s in the House means I know the people involved. It’s a point of commonality, and you get to know people in a different way.”