When longtime administrator Susan Livingston died last year, she left a legacy of theatrics at Harvard’s Cabot House. For nearly 30 years, Livingston produced an annual spring production that featured students, senior tutors, House masters, and their families.

This year, Cabot seniors Andrew Howe and Ian Merrifield continued her tradition and will produce and direct “The Wizard of Oz.” For many entertainment groups on campus, the stage in the Cabot Junior Common Room has become a popular performance space. On April 20, 21, and April 26-28, this active spot will feature a production that is a tribute to Livingston’s memory

The making of Oz

Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

  • ‘If I Only Had a Brain’

    ‘If I Only Had a Brain’

    Seth Pearce '12 was the first student to audition for Cabot House’s spring production of “The Wizard of Oz.” He sang "If I Only Had A Brain" for producer Andrew Howe ’12 and director Ian Merrifield ’12. The production casts students, tutors, Housemasters, and Housemasters’ children.

  • Audition


    Merrifield (left) and Howe review the performer.

  • Bewitched


    Julie Zauzmer '13 told Howe that she couldn't sing but always wanted to play the Wicked Witch of the West.

  • ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’

    ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’

    Grace O'Neale '14 crooned "I Could Have Danced All Night."

  • The waiting room

    The waiting room

    Lea Parker '15 waited nervously for word on her performance.

  • Pure entertainment

    Pure entertainment

    Director Ian Merrifield gets a laugh out of an auditioner’s comment.

  • The role of a lifetime

    The role of a lifetime

    Victoria Yeh '12 arrived from dance class to audition.

  • Judgment


    Yeh chewed a nail waiting to hear Merrifield’s opinion of her performance.

  • In between calls

    In between calls

    In the three-hour audition span, there was down time. Howe (left) and Merrifield watch "The West Wing" while they wait.

  • Exit, stage left

    Exit, stage left

    Jesse Kaplan was the last to sing on the first day of auditions. Next, callbacks and rehearsals!