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A look inside: Kirkland House

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At the holidays, a celebration

A slew of Santas have been roaming Harvard Square lately, but more than a few have remained incognito as Secret Santas at Kirkland House. Last week, residents were serenaded at lunch by choirs, lauded at dinner with reserved seats and special treats, and bathed in adoration from unknown admirers, as “elves” — fellow residents and friends — carried out Santa’s wishes.

The merriment at dinners rivaled cabaret shows. “We all spend a week trying to make someone else’s week amazing, often someone we haven’t yet met,” said junior Abby Koff. “The entire week is filled with Kirkland family spirit.”

With the chill of winter blowing outside and wreaths hung from windows, Kirkland was in a festive mood. The earthy smell of evergreens wafted through the dining hall, and tables draped in red and white invited residents to celebrate the holiday season.There were toasts to residents, staff, House masters, and friends. The halls echoed with good cheer, well wishes, and warmth that can come only from a house that’s a home.