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FAS names six full professors with tenure

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The following faculty have been named full professors with tenure in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, effective July 1:

David Damrosch, professor of comparative literature, is interested in literary history and the way in which texts come to enter the modern construct known as “world literature.” He was previously professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University.

Florian Engert, professor of molecular and cellular biology, is a pioneer in the development of the larval zebrafish as a system for study of neural circuits and behavior. He has been on the Harvard faculty since 2002.

Donhee Ham, Gordon McKay Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, has miniaturized a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system to handheld size, which could bring lifesaving changes in biomolecular sensing and disease screening. He has been on the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences faculty since 2002.

Melissa McCormick, professor of Japanese art and culture, is a scholar whose broad study of medieval Japanese art draws upon literary, gender, religious, and cultural studies. She has been on Harvard’s faculty since 2005.

Ann Pearson, professor of Earth and planetary sciences, brings genomics, isotope geochemistry, and biochemistry to bear on the study of the Earth’s history. She has been a member of the faculty since 2001.

Michael Szonyi, professor of Chinese history, has studied the past 600 years of Chinese social history, informed by rigorous fieldwork and close attention to once-inaccessible local archives in China. He has been a member of the faculty since 2005.

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