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Davis, Dupree help Carr Center fight human trafficking

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Emphasizing their passion and commitment to peace and education, Kathryn Wasserman Davis and Sunny Dupree have joined efforts to help “in some small way” the struggle to stop human trafficking in the world. Through their generous support, the Carr Center’s Initiative to Stop Human Trafficking at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) will fund student research projects on human trafficking issues through the Sunny Dupree Policy Analysis Exercise (PAE) award.

“More than 27 million people from Thailand to India to the United States are trapped in debt bondage or modern slavery,” said Dupree. “I am convinced of the importance of engaging young minds in finding solutions to old problems in the world.”

Dupree, an attorney who lives in Cambridge, is a former assistant attorney general in the Massachusetts state attorney general’s office and has done extensive pro bono work bringing people together through arts, education, conflict resolution, and greater participation of women at all decision-making tables. “I am honored to support Harvard Kennedy School students in [the Carr Center’s Initiative to Stop Human Trafficking], and I thank my dear friend Kathryn for her generosity,” said Dupree.

Davis decided to celebrate her 100th birthday in February 2007 by committing $1 million to encourage and support ideas that enhance global peace. Some $30,000 of those funds will be dedicated to supporting student research efforts at HKS.

“I wanted to use my 100th birthday to help young people launch some immediate initiatives that will bring new thinking to the prospects of peace in the world,” said Davis. It is to underscore this commitment to peace and to the young that Davis decided to support the Initiative to Stop Human Trafficking by funding students’ research.

The PAE is a “thesis-like” project – focusing on real problems for real clients – that is a mandatory requirement for all master in public policy students at HKS. The funds will be extended over three years in support of graduate students for their PAEs beginning this term (fall 2008). Each of the awards will be named in honor of Sunny Dupree. The PAE final papers will be posted on the Carr Center Web site so the students’ experiences can be shared with other students and scholars.

For more information about the Sunny Dupree Awards, visit the Carr Center’s Web site,