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This month in Harvard history

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Ca. February 1960 — As Harvard and Radcliffe expand their joint activities, Radcliffe students achieve several firsts for women:

— Sarah Fuller ’61 becomes President of the Organ Society and the first woman to head a Harvard-Radcliffe organization.

— Linda Greenberg ’62 defeats David Hemmendinger ’62 for the presidency of the Liberal Union.

— Judith A. Blitman ’61 becomes Photography Chairman of “The Harvard Crimson” and the paper’s first female executive.

Feb. 17-18, 1962 — About 200 Harvard and Radcliffe students help swell a crowd of 6,000 students converging on Washington, D.C., to lobby for stronger U.S. peace initiatives on various fronts, including nuclear disarmament and weapons testing. Students variously picket the White House, meet with State Department and White House officials (including former FAS Dean McGeorge Bundy), and visit foreign embassies.

— From the Harvard Historical Calendar, a database compiled by Marvin Hightower