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Center for European Studies welcomes its new 2008 spring fellows

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The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) has announced the arrival of its 2008 spring fellows.

The center is dedicated to fostering the study of European history, politics, and society at Harvard. Its visiting scholars play an active role in the intellectual life of the center and the University. While at Harvard, they conduct research, advise students, and give public talks.

The spring fellows are as follows:

Marie-Hélène Bacqué, Université d’Evry Val d’Essonne. Bacqué will conduct research on community empowerment and mobilization in Boston.

Ophelia Eglene, Middlebury College. Eglene is working on British business, the London financial sector, and the euro.

Christina Gerhardt, postdoctoral fellow. Gerhardt’s research is based on cultural and historical representations of the Red Army Faction and the cultural memory of terrorism.

Katja Guenther, California State University, Fullerton. Guenther is working on a comparative analysis of Eastern German women’s movements since 1989.

Gilles Le Garrec, Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris. Le Garrec is researching redistributive politics in Europe and the United States.

Malgorzata Runiewicz, Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management. Runiewicz’s work focuses on the impact of the digital revolution on the competitiveness of new European Union member states.

Michaela Salamun, Karl-Franzens University Graz. Salamun is a legal theorist working on the transformation of public administration in the framework of European integration.

Thomas Schulz, Der Spiegel. Schulz is a journalist who will spend time at Harvard conducting research on globalization of business in a variety of industries.

Jonas Tallberg, Stockholm University. Tallberg is researching power and negotiation in the European Council.

Maarten Van Ginderachter, University of Ghent. Van Ginderachter is working on a transnational approach to national identity construction in “ordinary writings” of Western European border regions.

Eleni Varikas, University of Paris VIII. Varikas will conduct research on the rhetoric of modernity in the gender and race politics of the head scarf in Europe.

Jean-Philippe Viriot Durandal, Université de Franche Comté. Viriot Durandal’s research will focus on senior citizens’ lobbies and older people’s participation in decision making.

Bahri Yilmaz, Sabanci University. Yilmaz’s project focuses on the future and challenges of Turkey in Europe.