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Police reports

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Following are some of the incidents reported to the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) for the week ending Oct. 22. The official log is located at 1033 Massachusetts Ave., sixth floor, and is available online at

Oct. 11: At 45 Shepard St., officers observed a vehicle blocking a one-way single lane. Officers motioned for the vehicle, which was preventing the flow of traffic for other vehicles and pedestrians, to move to an open space, to which the driver refused. The driver then refused to show identification or exit the vehicle after being asked several times. Following more requests from the officers, the individual complied and exited the vehicle before being placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. Suspicious instant messages were reported received at Matthews Hall.

Oct. 12: An unattended backpack containing several personal items was reported stolen from the Science Center. Officers were dispatched to Gund Hall on a report of a theft in progress. Officers arrived and observed a male who matched the description (supplied by the reporting individual) pushing a bicycle. A field interview was conducted and the individual stated that the bicycle was his. After he was run for warrants with negative results, the individual became nervous and began to cover his pocket with his hands. The officers then observed a needle in the man’s pocket. The individual stated that he was in possession of a class D substance. As the individual was being placed under arrest for possession of a class D substance, he was found to be in possession of more needles and a class B substance. Officers took custody of the bicycle. At Lehman Hall, an unattended pocketbook valued at $275 and containing credit cards and personal items valued at $505 was reported stolen.

Oct. 13: Officers were dispatched to the School of Public Health on a report of a chemical spill. Environmental Health & Safety arrived and cleaned up the spill.

Oct. 14: Officers assisted the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) in the arrest of an individual wanted in connection with damaging trees with a handsaw in the area of Mt. Auburn Street and Holyoke Place. The HUPD officer observed, gave chase, and stopped the individual before notifying and turning over the suspect to CPD. A cell phone was reported stolen from the Science Center.

Oct. 15: A computer was reported stolen from Morgan Hall. At Mather House, a 2004 Ford van was reported stolen. According to the reporting individual, the van contained four crates of plumbing equipment valued at $9,000, a pipe threader valued at $3,000, and various others tools valued at $1,800. Approximately six hours later, the vehicle was recovered on North Harvard and Heffernan streets in Boston. It is unknown at this time whether the above-mentioned items were also recovered. A wallet containing $40, credit cards, a license, and health insurance card was reported stolen at Hemenway Gym.