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Police reports

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Following are some of the incidents reported to the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) for the week ending April 2. The official log is located at 1033 Massachusetts Ave., sixth floor, and is available online at

March 29: An officer assisted an individual in obtaining a restraining order at 27 Everett St. A report of harassment was filed at the Littauer Center.

March 30: An officer was dispatched to 111 Western Ave. to take a report that an individual had violated a restraining order. A binder containing union documentation was reported stolen from 180 Longwood Ave. An unattended cell phone was reported stolen from Shad Hall.

March 31: Tax documents were reported stolen from Gund Hall.

April 1: A laptop computer was reported stolen from Baker Library. Officers observed an individual known to them at 1868 Massachusetts Ave. The officers conducted a field interview and ran the individual for warrants with positive results before placing the individual under arrest for warrant service.