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Phi Beta Kappa elects 48 seniors

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The following seniors, listed below by their Houses, were nominated to Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) in the latest round of elections, held this past November.

Adams House
Rowan William Dorin, history

Cabot House
Miroslava Elizabeth Kishenyuk, government; David Matthew Silvestri, religion; and Anushka Maitreyi Sunder, economics

Currier House
Daniel Joshua LeGendre Cohen, government; Shanshan Jiang, economics; and Adam Eliav Strich, philosophy and near Eastern languages and civilizations

Dunster House
Minyang Jiang, literature; and Keith Stephen MacLeod, history

Eliot House
Xiao Liu, economics; Anatoly Preygel, math; Rena Xu, biochemical sciences and government; and Cathy Yang Yang Zhou, economics

Kirkland House
Justin Kim, chemistry and physics; Jillian Whitney Lazor, biology; Moira Gallagher Weigel, German; and Dongbo Yu, biochemical sciences

Leverett House
Alexander Bevilacqua, history; Bartholomew Chisolm Horn, physics and math; Stephanie Hyunji Lee, social studies and East Asian Studies; Petko Hristov Peev, economics and math; Julia Kathleen Rotow, biochemical sciences; Maya Zane Saalouke, linguistics; Hillary Weinstein Steinbrook, psychology; and Amy Jia Xu, engineering sciences

Lowell House
Benjamin Jason Bibler, psychology; Amy Rebecca Klein, English; Jonathan William Medley, chemistry and physics; Tracy Elizabeth Nowski, women, gender, and sexuality; Oludamini Denison Ogunnaike, psychology and African and African American Studies; Jennifer Evelyn Rood, biochemical sciences; Pablo Mineo Tsutsumi, economics; Kathleen Elizabeth Walro, government and English; and Peter Brian Zuckerman, economics

Mather House
Steven Richard Howard, computer science; Arielle Rachel Nagler, anthropology; and Meghan Minh-Hien Tieu, economics

Pforzheimer House
David Lipa Katz, economics; Matthew Roberts Naunheim, history of science; Robert Edward Nelson, literature and history; and Benjamin Daniel Zimmer, history

Quincy House
Matthew Evan Growdon, history and literature; Asya Troychansky, social studies; and Nikhil Deepak Mirchandani, government

Winthrop House
Celine Christelle LeBoeuf, philosophy and math; Alexander Levin, math and physics; Linnea Natalie Meyer, social studies; and Daren Falon Stanaway, sociology