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Survey of Katrina evacuees in Houston: Half trapped in homes waited three days or more for rescue

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One-third (34 percent) of Katrina evacuees in a survey reported that they were trapped in their homes and had to be rescued. Half (50 percent) of those who were trapped said they waited three or more days to be rescued.

Key health-related findings included:

• 52 percent reported having no health insurance coverage at the time of the hurricane. Of those with coverage, 34 percent said it is through Medicaid and 16 percent through Medicare. Before the hurricane 66 percent of people evacuated to Houston shelters used hospital or clinics as their main source of care and of those, a majority (54 percent) used Charity Hospital of New Orleans, substantially more than the second most common care site (University Hospital of New Orleans, at 8 percent).

• 33 percent reported experiencing health problems or injuries as a result of the hurricane and 78 percent of them were currently receiving care for their ailments.