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Shorenstein names faculty, fellows

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The Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy located at the Kennedy School of Government recently announced its fall fellows and visiting faculty.

“This semester’s visiting faculty and fellows are especially rich in experience at the highest levels of journalism and represent a great breadth of knowledge that should make for a very exciting semester,” said Alex S. Jones, the center’s director.

The Shorenstein Fellows will work on research projects while at the center.

The 2005 fall fellows

David Anable, former president of the International Center for Journalists and former managing editor of The Christian Science Monitor, will focus on international media. Anable will examine how a country’s journalism can open the way for democratic reforms and the role of training in promoting such a process.

Diane Francis, editor-at-large at the National Post in Canada, will focus on anti-Americanism in the Canadian, British, and French media and its effect on public policy in those countries.

Sunshine Hillygus is an assistant professor of government at Harvard. While at the Shorenstein Center, Hillygus will focus her research on the role of the media in U.S. elections.

Zhengrong Hu is the director of the National Center for Radio and Television Studies and professor at the Communication University of China. At the center, Hu will focus on Chinese politics and media policy in transition.

Brig. Gen. Kevin T. Ryan, a joint fellow with the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, is an expert on international military affairs. He will write on the issue of the manpower strains on the U.S. military and how this issue is and can be understood by the American public through the press.

The 2005 visiting faculty

Judy Woodruff, consultant and contributor to CNN and former senior correspondent and anchor of CNN’s “Inside Politics,” will teach a study group for students on contemporary issues in journalism.

Edward R. Murrow Visiting Professor of the Practice of Press and Public Policy Roger Rosenblatt will teach a course on writing about public policy. Rosenblatt is editor at large at Time magazine.

The Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy is a Harvard research center dedicated to exploring the intersection of press, politics, and public policy in theory and practice. The center strives to bridge the gap between journalists and scholars and, increasingly, between them and the public.