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Pluralism Project to offer summer research funds

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Harvard’s Pluralism Project invites students in the comparative study of religion, anthropology, sociology, history, government, and other academic fields to participate in research on the changing contours of American religious life. Research concerning religious pluralism and American civil society, particularly the mapping of the multireligious dynamics of particular cities and towns; new civic instruments of relationship between faiths, such as interfaith councils and networks, especially in the wake of Sept. 11; and emerging participation of Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim, or Jain communities in civil and political life is encouraged.

Undergraduates and graduate students with academic backgrounds in the Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Jain, or Sikh traditions and/or in other relevant academic fields are encouraged to consider research work on this project. Summer research funds range from $1,000 to $2,000.

Students who undertake research through the sponsorship of the Pluralism Project will present their work during a fall conference to be held in October. The Pluralism Project also expects a full written report on the research, either as an independent paper or as part of a thesis project.

Application information is available at The application deadline is March 19. For further information, contact the Pluralism Project at (617) 496-2481, or at