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Faculty Council notice for Feb. 25

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At its eighth meeting of the year (Feb. 25) the Faculty Council discussed three research policy issues with Professor Paul Martin (physics), dean for Research and Information Technology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Professor James Alt (government) participated in a discussion of co-principal-investigator privileges for research associates, and Professor Caroline Hoxby (economics) contributed to a discussion of so-called full-time postdoctoral fellows. Martin also presented a report on bio-hazard materials.

The council also heard a brief report from Professor Stuart Shieber (Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences) on the work done in Computer Science 96 last term on the prediction of student enrollment based on historical data, as raised by the discussion last year on pre-registration. Finally, Jeffrey Wolcowitz, associate dean of Harvard College and chief planning officer, presented a proposal to reduce the fees for dropping and/or adding courses.

The preliminary agenda deadline for the March Faculty Meeting is Monday, March 1. The council next meets on March 10.