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CBRSS announces grant, fellowship recipients:

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Two economics students named grant recipients; 10 receive fellowships

The Center for Basic Research in the Social Sciences (CBRSS) has announced that graduate students Nava Ashraf and Nicola Gennaioli, both of the Department of Economics, have been named the center’s grant recipients. Given to graduate student associates who expect to complete their dissertation within the upcoming academic year, the award supports up to a year in residence at the University and provides a stipend plus funds to cover facilities fees, individual health insurance, and office and research incidentals. The grant also provides office space and computer facilities for its recipients at the center.

The center has also announced the recipients of its graduate fellowship in mathematics. These fellowships are available to Ph.D. students for attending summer school courses in mathematics and quantitative methods at Harvard or other universities.

This year’s recipients are:

Anders Corr, Department of Government; Elisabeth Jacobs, Department of Sociology; Olivia Lau, Department of Government; Melanie Penny, Departments of Sociology and Social Policy; Nirmala Ravishankar, Department of Government; Andrew Reeves, Department of Government; Todd Rogers, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; Simone Sangster, Graduate School of Education; Philipp Schnabl, Kennedy School of Government; and Rebecca Thornton, Kennedy School of Government.