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Global biosecurity conference announced

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Harvard Medical School, Harvard Medical International (a division of the Medical School), and Key3Media Group Inc. announced that they will jointly present the first global biosecurity conference, Nov. 18-22, in Las Vegas.

“BioSecurity 2002” is an international scientific and educational conference designed to provide a forum for senior government officials, scientists, researchers, physicians, public health and hospital officials, nurses, and first responders to prepare for and learn how to control bioterrorism threats. The event will feature a comprehensive educational program with keynote speakers representing senior world leadership in the field, plenary sessions that explore common interests across disciplines, and a trade exposition showcasing biosecurity solutions from companies around the world.

“It is a privilege for Harvard Medical International to serve as a means to bring together professionals from all over the world, with very different perspectives, to collectively work toward solutions for problems of immense global significance,” said Robert Crone, president and CEO of Harvard Medical International.

The Medical School, Harvard Medical International, and Key3Media Group are working with a broad spectrum of organizations to bring together top experts from other institutions and other disciplines around the world to develop content, think about, and take action toward the next steps in developing a more secure society.

“‘BioSecurity 2002’ is the first comprehensive global conference and trade event to address the threat of, and provide solutions to, the use of biological agents to harm populations and economies,” said Fredric D. Rosen, chairman and CEO, Key3Media Group. “. . . With Harvard Medical International’s leadership we expect this conference to serve as the global reference point for issues relating to bioterrorism, coalescing science, government, and media leaders to foster real solutions.”

A trade exhibition, running simultaneously with the education conferences, will feature the efforts of pharmaceutical, supply and barrier protection, laboratory equipment, engineering, infrastructure, and security companies.

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