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Students respond to the choices

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Shortly after the Hasty Pudding Club announced its Woman of the Year (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Man of the Year (Bruce Willis) on Monday (Jan. 28), students around campus shared their opinions of the picks with the Gazette.

James Maltese It will be very cool to have them here. I’m a huge “Die Hard” fan, and I liked “The Sixth Sense” and I thought “Unbreakable” was … OK. I’ll watch the parade for sure. I have a couple friends who are involved with the Pudding, so maybe I’ll get on the inside to see Bruce Willis.James Maltese ’04

I think Sarah Jessica Parker is such a wonderful person to pick for the woman, because “Sex and the City” is such a revolutionary show. Almost everyone on my floor in my dorm, we watch “Sex and the City,” we have “Sex and the City” conversations. It’s an excellent show. When you live in a dorm with a bunch of girls, you’re vulgar, but not really, you just talk about real things. It devulgarizes it when it’s on “Sex and the City.”Nina Singh ’05 Nina Singh

Amanda Holm I’m more excited about Bruce Willis, I have to say. Who can’t love “Die Hard”? It’s always cool to have celebrities roaming around. It happens kind of often here, actually. That would be awesome to see Bruce Willis. Amanda Holm ’05

Sarah Jessica Parker?! I watch “Sex and the City” nonstop. I watched last night, a whole marathon. My roommates have them on tape. It’s the girls’ thing to do. We love her. That’s our favorite show.Ioana Gradinaru ’03 Ioana Gradinaru

Justin Alexander I like Sarah Jessica Parker. I just saw her in “Honeymoon in Vegas.” That’s a quality pick. What has Bruce Willis been in? “Sixth Sense”: that was a really twisted movie that has you thinking that dead people are all around you. He was convincing. Justin Alexander ’03

I like Bruce Willis. I think he’s very cool. He’s an old man, but he’s a sexy old man.Frances Millican ’05 Frances Millican