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Six members elected to Board of Overseers

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The President of the Harvard Alumni Association announced the results of the annual election of new members of the Harvard Board of Overseers last week at the annual meeting of the Association following the University’s 349th Commencement. The six newly elected Overseers, in order of their finish, are Steven A. Schroeder, 20,679 votes; M. Lee Pelton, 20,040; Aida M. Alvarez, 19,296; Franklin W. Hobbs, 19,016; Patti B. Saris, 18,711; Barbara Shultz Robinson, 16,129; and the candidate who received the seventh highest number of votes, 16,092.

The first five candidates were elected to serve for six-year terms; the candidate in sixth place was elected to serve for a three-year term, to fill a vacancy on the Board created by the resignation of Mildred Dresselhaus. Professor Dresselhaus has withdrawn from the Board in view of her pending appointment as Director of the Office of Science at the U.S. Department of Energy. In 2000, there were eight candidates, nominated by the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA), as prescribed by the election rules, and one nominated by certificates from Harvard degree holders. A total of 34,858 alumni and alumnae cast ballots in the election for a 17.5 percent rate of participation among eligible voters.

The primary function of the Board of Overseers is to encourage the University to maintain the highest attainable standards as a place of learning. Overseers carry out this mission by visiting faculties, departments, and other important programs throughout the University so that they can inform themselves about the quality of teaching, research, and administration and then identify problems and offer advice to faculties and University officials.

Elected Director, election results

The six newly elected directors, in order of their finish, are F. Barton Harvey, 23,856 votes; John Woo, 19,381; Walter Morris, 19,318; Barbara Wu, 19,239; Susan Williams, 19,234; and Scott Collins, 17,969.

In 2000, there were nine candidates for elected director; six were elected for three-year terms. A total of 34,258 alumni/ae voted in the election. elected directors represent the alumni population on the HAA Board and provide leadership for the HAA and its various committees.