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Faculty Council Notice

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January 27, 2000
At its eighth meeting of the year the Faculty Council discussed the recent Report of the Provost’s Committee on Student Mental Health Services. Members of the Committee present for this conversation were Paul Summergrad, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical School, chair; Thomas A. Dingman, Associate Dean of Harvard College; and Garth McCavana, Associate Dean for Student Affairs in GSAS. Also present were Marsha Semuels, Assistant Provost, and Charles Ducey, Director of the Bureau of Study Counsel.

The Council also discussed a draft of the Dean’s Annual Letter to the Faculty, and heard a report from Vincent Tompkins, Assistant Dean of the Faculty, and David Zewinski, Associate Dean of the Faculty for Physical Resources and Planning, on the Knafel Center planning.

The Council’s next meeting is on Feb. 9. The next Faculty Meeting will be on Feb. 15.

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