Three GSAS Students Win New Howard Hughes Funding

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Three GSAS students — Nataly Moran Cabili (PhD candidate in systems biology), Mehmet Fisek (PhD candidate in neuroscience), and Le Cong (PhD candidate in biological and biomedical sciences) — are among the 48 total winners in a new fellowship competition from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute that awards full-time funding to exceptional international students in the third, fourth, and fifth years of their graduate programs in science and engineering. Offered for the first time this year, the HHMI’s International Student Research Fellowships will allow these talented students to devote their full attention to research at a critical time during their professional development. The awards serve a particularly important role, according to the HHMI, since much of the available funding for graduate education is reserved only for US citizens. Learn more about the GSAS-HHMI fellows by clicking the story link.