Seeing White live podcast performance at the Harvard Ed Portal

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Last week’s “Seeing White” live podcast performance at the Harvard Ed Portal brought together Allston-Brighton community members, followers of event co-sponsors podcast Teaching While White and the PRX Podcast Garage, and those new to the world of podcasting but passionate about racial justice.

A packed house listened along while podcasters John Biewen and Chenjerai Kumanyika performed episode six of their podcast “Seeing White,” which tackled perceptions of various United States regions as being more or less racist. After the performance, a panel discussed topics including the responsibility of white people to educate themselves and others about the historical formation of whiteness and current manifestations of white privilege.

Deeply engaged in the crucial and timely conversation, the audience asked questions of the podcasters and panelists that attempted to further identify what we can do to combat racism in this country, who the “we” is that shares that responsibility, and how gender identities intersect with race politics.

Attendees left buzzing with reflections on their own relationship to race in America and full of ideas about how to enact anti-racism on a daily basis. For many, it was an important reminder to examine one’s own privilege.