Recent Harvard grad named 2024 Schmidt Science Fellow

The 2024 fellowship winners.

Courtesy of Schmidt Science Fellows

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Recent Harvard Ph.D. graduate Soon Wei Daniel Lim was one of 32 early career researchers named a 2024 Schmidt Science Fellow. Advised by Professor Federico Capasso at Harvard, Lim’s thesis in applied physics was titled “Sculpting the dark: Singularity engineering with metasurfaces.”  

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Lim will pivot from physics to biological sciences, moving to Stanford University to develop novel ultrasound and photoacoustic medical imaging devices. Lim will explore using a new class of miniaturized acoustic sources, called acoustic frequency combs, to distinguish tissue types and pathologies more accurately. If successful, this approach could lead to more precise diagnoses for a broader range of diseases, of particular benefit in remote or economically disadvantaged areas.

The fellowship was established in 2018 to help researchers expand their work across areas of study and build a community of interdisciplinary thinkers dedicated to solving the world’s biggest challenges. It is an initiative of Schmidt Sciences, a philanthropic organization founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt to advance exploration and discovery that deepen understanding of the natural world and develop solutions to global issues.

Since its inception, Schmidt Science Fellows has supported 177 fellows across seven cohorts, nominated by 62 institutes across the globe. The program is delivered in partnership with the Rhodes Trust.