Popular food truck turns to compostables

2 min read

Harvard students may come and go, but since 1960 one hidden gem has remained constant: a family-owned food truck on Divinity Avenue outside the Bio Labs building has been feeding home-cooked meals to generations of students and researchers.

Velozo’s Food Service is now operated by Dean Velozo, who joined his father in the business in 1980. Theirs was the first food truck to appear on campus and at the time of its inception was one of the only retail food service options available on campus.

Today, even though Velozo’s father has long since retired, the truck remains a family-run business. His wife helps him run it in the afternoon, taking money as he prepares the food. During the summer, you can even see their nine-year-old son out at the truck.

In a sign that no stone gets unturned when it comes to sustainability at Harvard, the truck recently converted entirely to compostable plates and to-go ware. The switch was suggested by employees in the nearby Bio Labs building after compost bins were added there. As a result of the change, researchers, staff, and students can now eat from the food truck and compost their dishes in the bins throughout the Bio Labs and other buildings.

Velozo reports that his customers quickly noticed the compostable materials and not a day goes by that someone doesn’t express their appreciation for his role in helping the campus reduce waste.