Library Lab celebrates people and projects at program’s close

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November marked the close of Library Lab, one of the Harvard Library’s more inventive programs from recent years. Participants and supporters from across the University recently came together to celebrate their accomplishments.

The project drew together Harvard’s technologists and humanists with the mandate to experiment, build and test out their ideas aimed at improving library services for students and faculty, and to bring the successful projects to the world via open-source code.

Among the various projects implemented are Awesome Box, which allows users to promote any items during a simple choice in the return location, and Inscriptio, which allows carrel users to request and make reservations in an approach similar to that of airline seating.

“We created stuff. We built a community. We’re wrapping up,” Sue Kriegsman, program manager, succinctly said. Scroll down to read more on the program outcome and celebratory event.