Harvard, let’s talk about food

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Photos by Bethany Versoy

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On Sept. 28, Harvard University Dining Services is once again hosting an all-day, free festival, inviting the Greater Boston community to join in a fun-filled and inspiring day of cooking, demonstrations, hands-on skills and tastings, innovations and explorations.

Centered around the theme “Saving the Planet One Bite at a Time!” the festival highlights Harvard faculty such as Aaron Bernstein and Sarah Downer, students from the Food Literacy Project, Harvard Votes Challenge and Science & Cooking, and Campus Services departments, including the Office for Sustainability and Recycling & Waste Management.

Highlights include mainstage conversations, a podcast corner, and a Vegan Chili Bean Pot (from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.), featuring a head-to-head competition between Harvard, Boston College, Boston University and Northeastern for the best vegan chili recipe.

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All-day interactive educational booths invite passers-by to play with their food (system)!

Mainstage conversations include “Food and the Planet, “Gen Z Kitchen: Sustainable and Healthy for the Next Generation,” “ Dogfish, Catfish, Rockfish: Trash Fish?,” “Beyond Compost: Greening up the kitchen and reducing food waste,” and more.

The full schedule of events can be viewed at