Graduate student seating at ‘The Game’

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The Harvard Graduate Council (HGC) led an advocacy initiative with Harvard Athletics to create a graduate seating section adjacent to the undergraduate seating section with the aim of fostering One Harvard. As a result of HGC’s advocacy efforts, the new graduate seating section was created and the section was filled to capacity with graduate students representing their respective schools. HGC will engage with the Harvard Athletics department in the future to discuss price negotiations for the next Harvard-Yale game and create events tailored to graduate students.

Additionally, graduate students were excited to learn more about the Harvard Graduate Council. Harvard Law School student Titilayo Rasaki stated that she was glad to learn that HGC represents all Harvard graduate students. Similarly, Harvard Extension School graduate student Jasmine Frankel reiterated the importance of creating unity among the students and creating better visibility for the council. The presence of a media correspondent from the Harvard Graduate Council provided more visibility for the council and is one of the best ways to inform students about the initiatives of HGC. Jill Felicio, Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs for the Harvard Extension Alumni Association also echoed the importance of having an organization that represents One Harvard.