Arboretum Putnam Fellows announced

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The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University is pleased to announce that Dr. Ailene Ettinger and Dr. Jessica Savage were awarded Putnam Fellowships in Plant Science to conduct independent research utilizing the Arboretum’s plant collections.

Ailene Ettinger received her doctoral degree from the University of Washington where she studied the role of climate and competition in determining species’ ranges. She plans to pursue these interests at the Arboretum by bridging the fields of climatology, ecology, and evolution to gain a comprehensive picture of climate sensitivity across diverse species.

Receiving her doctoral degree from the University of Minnesota, Jessica Savage conducted a comparative study focusing on the role of phenology and cold acclimation on the distribution of willow (Salix) species. As a Putnam Fellow, Dr. Savage will focus on the physiological mechanisms involved in precocious flowering. During winter dormancy, vascular transport is greatly reduced in many plants as protection against freezing.

The Katharine H. Putnam Fellowships in Plant Science are made possible by the generosity of George and Nancy Putnam through the Putnam Fellows Fund.