Announcing 2023 Kempner Institute research fellows

Research fellows.

The 2023 Kempner Institute Research Fellowship recipients are (clockwise from left) David Brandfonbrener, Wilka Carvalho, Jennifer Hu, Ilenna Jones, Binxu Wang, Naomi Saphra, Eran Malach, and T. Anderson Keller. Kempner Institute

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The Kempner Institute for the Study of Natural and Artificial Intelligence at Harvard is pleased to announce the recipients of its inaugural Kempner Institute Research Fellowships. The 2023 recipients are David Brandfonbrener, Wilka Carvalho, Jennifer Hu, Ilenna Jones, T. Anderson Keller, Eran Malach, Naomi Saphra, and Binxu Wang.

All eight fellowship recipients are early-career scientists, representing a diversity of backgrounds and expertise, who are working on novel research questions at the intersections of natural and artificial intelligence.

Each fellow will serve for a term of up to three years and will receive salary and research funds, office space, and mentorship. Fellows independently set their research agenda but are strongly encouraged to work between fields and to collaborate with experts at the Kempner Institute and throughout Harvard University.