Advanced Leadership Initiative releases 2017 Climate Change Deep Dive Report

Professor Robert Stavins at ALI’s Climate Change Deep Dive. Photo by Russ Campbell

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The Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) has released its 2017 Climate Change Deep Dive Report. The report presents a summary of ideas from ALI’s Deep Dive event, a two-day intensive immersion with a focus on problem-solving and practical applications of knowledge.

The 2017 Climate Change Deep Dive was chaired by Professor Forest Reinhardt of Harvard Business School, and included other faculty and speakers from the Harvard Business School, the Harvard Law School, the Harvard Kennedy School, the Harvard Paulson School of Engineering, and the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

As part of the Deep Dive, ALI Fellows analyzed the latest findings on climate change, heard from environmental policy experts, and worked through case studies to develop a deeper understanding of potential solutions to global warming. During the Deep Dive, presenters highlighted potential changes to environmental policy in the United States under President Trump.

At the close of the event, Professor Reinhardt led the fellows through a problem-solving discussion to synthesize their learning. ALI Fellows called for increased education around climate change for the broader public and for younger generations in particular. They also stressed a need for urgency and immediate action at the local level.

For more information, read the complete report.