Acclaimed author Russell Banks to speak at Harvard

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This fall, Harvard Divinity School brings Russell Banks, one of the United States’ most celebrated writers of contemporary fiction, to Harvard to deliver the annual Ingersoll Lecture on Immortality.

Banks’ topic will be “Feeding Moloch: The Sacrifice of Children on the Altar of Capitalism.” He will argue that immortality, if it exists, lies with people’s descendants—their children, and their children’s children, and on. In  the modern era, he states, it has become increasingly difficult to protect children from dangerous forces in the world. Today, children have become the largest single segment of the consumer economy.

The Ingersoll Lecture, which dates to 1896 and has been delivered by such distinguished luminaries as Paul Tillich, Stephen J. Gould, and Toni Morrison, will take place on Wednesday, November 5, at 5:15 pm, Sanders Theatre, Memorial Hall.

Admission is free but tickets are required. There will be a limit of two tickets available per person. Visit the HDS public events calendar or read the press release for more information.