A reflective Justice Breyer explains inner workings of Supreme Court at HLS

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Never let it be said that a U.S. Supreme Court justice doesn’t keep his work close to his heart. During a lunchtime question-and-answer session at Harvard Law School (HLS) on Oct. 1, Associate Justice Stephen Breyer reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small white booklet.

“This a great document, the Constitution of the United States,” said Breyer. “It’s a fabulous document. I don’t know they how they wrote it. It’s brief. It has general principles. Fabulous.”

Breyer visited his alma mater and former employer for an informal chat with HLS Dean Martha Minow and to take a handful of questions from students. Back on campus to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his appointment to the high court, he also took part in a panel discussion later in the day with several HLS professors who examined his tenure and some of his most notable opinions.

During the afternoon session, one young woman asked a question many students in the crowd were likely wondering: “What does it take to become a Supreme Court clerk?” The answer is: a lot of work.

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