2015 Harvard Masquerade Ball set for Feb. 28

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Under the facade of Venetian masks, Harvard students and alumni will congregate at the Sheraton Hotel ballroom in Back Bay for the fifth annual Harvard Masquerade Ball. With over 2,000 guests expected to attend, the Feb. 28 black-tie affair is set to be the largest university-wide event of the year.

Guests will be treated to a night filled to the brim with enchanting ballroom décor, captivating performances, and round upon round of sumptuous desserts. Harvard Masquerade Ball Committee members are hoping to provide patrons with a unique and unforgettable experience, as well as an environment that’s conducive to cross-school dialogue and collaboration.

“With over 2,000 guests from all 13 Harvard Graduate and Professional Schools, the Harvard Masquerade Ball is a celebration of unity, creativity and diversity across the University,” said Alexander Rodriguez, vice president of social engagement of the Harvard Graduate and Professional Student Government (HGPSG) and the chair of the Harvard Masquerade Ball 2015. “We spend the whole year planning this glamorous and breathtaking event to provide the perfect environment for students to come together, create memories, and dance the night away.”

The event is organized by the Harvard Graduate and Professional Student Government (HGPSG), although it’s origins stem from the Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) with support from the Harvard Graduate Council (HGC), the former HGPSG.

The Harvard Masquerade Ball was produced in the spirit of President Drew Faust’s vision of “One Harvard.” With this idea in mind, students from HESA and HGPSG were inspired to develop a truly Harvard-wide event, bringing together students and alumni from all twelve Schools for one amazing night.

Tickets can be purchased through the event site: