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Hidden Spaces: Beanbag Alley

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Harvard Law School is keeping a comfortable secret

There are many formal spaces in the Langdell Library of Harvard Law School (HLS). But not on the top floor on a bridge leading to the Lewis Hall stacks, where 14 oversized, decidedly informal beanbag chairs line the passage. Referred to by the librarians as “Beanbag Alley,” it’s a place to stretch out, laptop-on-lap, make a phone call, or listen to music on headphones. Students can also be found Skypeing with faraway family members or simply napping, sometimes in catlike positions. It’s a place to reflect and recharge, to daydream about home or future endeavors, and just to be.

– Rose Lincoln

A student rests in a hallway of beanbags at HLS’ Langdell Library.
“The beanbags are one of the few, rare spaces at the Law School to escape the busyness of the place,” said a student taking advantage of a quiet moment.
Romain Dethomas, LL.M. ’14, spoke French with his brother, who was off on his honeymoon.
HLS student Anna Byers works in Beanbag Alley, located on the third floor of Langdell Hall.
Doctoral student Yichen Lo chats with her boyfriend, who lives in Berlin.
Kristin Bruner, an HLS staffer who works in Faculty Research & Information Delivery Assistance, comes to Beanbag Alley nearly every day during her break.