There are many formal spaces in the Langdell Library of Harvard Law School (HLS). But not on the top floor on a bridge leading to the Lewis Hall stacks, where 14 oversized, decidedly informal beanbag chairs line the passage. Referred to by the librarians as “Beanbag Alley,” it’s a place to stretch out, laptop-on-lap, make a phone call, or listen to music on headphones. Students can also be found Skypeing with faraway family members or simply napping, sometimes in catlike positions. It’s a place to reflect and recharge, to daydream about home or future endeavors, and just to be.

– Rose Lincoln


1 A student rests in a hallway of beanbags at HLS’ Langdell Library.
2 “The beanbags are one of the few, rare spaces at the Law School to escape the busyness of the place,” said a student taking advantage of a quiet moment.
3 Romain Dethomas, LL.M. ’14, spoke French with his brother, who was off on his honeymoon.
4 HLS student Anna Byers works in Beanbag Alley, located on the third floor of Langdell Hall.
5 Doctoral student Yichen Lo chats with her boyfriend, who lives in Berlin.
6 Kristin Bruner, an HLS staffer who works in Faculty Research & Information Delivery Assistance, comes to Beanbag Alley nearly every day during her break.