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Three ways to innovate in a stagnant environment

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In an HBS podcast, Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter defines innovation

Harvard Business School (HBS) Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter discussed innovation, advanced leadership, and how to make change in an inflexible organization in the HBS podcast series “The Business.” Kanter also told “Business” host Brian Kenny why she has no use for the ‘r-word’: retirement.

“Innovation is putting new ideas into use. It’s not necessarily invention. You don’t necessarily have to have it dreamed up by yourself, but it’s putting it into use, it’s making it happen, that’s innovation,” said Kanter in the HBS interview.

Three ways to innovate in a stagnant environment

The Business is a Harvard Business School podcast. Twice a month during the academic year, host Brian Kenny brings listeners a new take on the business world through unexpected stories and conversations with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and faculty members.

To read the full transcript of Kanter’s interview, visit “The Business” on Harvard Business School’s website.